Membership Terms

This is the legal stuff.

It is pretty straight forward but we’ve laid it out here for your peace of mind and to avoid any confusion at a later stage.

By joining the WLA you are agreeing to the conditions below:


  1. Membership should always be in good standing. (i.e. you are up to date with your payments).
  2. Your membership is for a period of 12 months.
  3. You will not be considered a member until we have received your first payment or we have received a purchase order from your organisation.
  4. If you join and then decide to resign within 30 days of joining we will happily refund your membership fee.
  5. Your membership price will not be increased during your membership period.
  6. Complimentary tickets to events are only valid if your membership is in good standing (i.e. you are up to date with your payments).
  7. For premium members, you are entitled to ‘Pay It Forward’, i.e. give your Conference place to someone else (assuming you inform the admin team).
  8. Your contact information includes your address (so we can send you the printed magazine each month) together with your preferred email. Your email is used for our weekly WLA members update.
  9. You will be invited to join the WLA social events. These are organised by members of the WLA and permission to use your email address for the purposes of social events will be requested first.
  10. We are committed to keeping the information that you give us safe and secure. Here is our Privacy Policy.