Stepping into the World Within

Stepping Into The World Within 

This week I attended a wonderful event in London that focused on stepping into the world within. If you’ve been interested in developing your spiritual connection to the world then you might want to read on.  

For many years I’ve been fascinated by the way our minds work. What is really driving us to achieve? What calls us to change course in life? Why do we feel fear, anger and pain? Is positive psychology the answer? If we think positively then surely our lives will forever more be changed for the better? 

I’ve searched for the answers, met many amazing people along the way and have come to realise that there is a profound and very different way of showing up in the world. A way that helps us feel connected, alive, joyous and abundant. Miracles really can happen.

People Pleasing 

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not some Pollyanna woo-woo or someone who’s glided through life… I’ve been dealt some heavy blows. And I’ve been fortunate enough to have resilience within to see me through the tough times and a great number of supporters. (Have you noticed how people seem to show up just at the right time?…) But sometimes, it’s felt really tough. I’ve struggled. I’ve been hard on myself. I’ve been very driven and relentless. Being a ‘Try Hard’ and ‘People Pleaser’ I’ve never fully embraced the notion that there might just be an easier way.

That said, I’ve also had a strong belief that there is a reason we are here on this planet. Perhaps there is a uniqueness about all of us that needs to be brought to the surface. Perhaps we have a particular contribution to make to the world. Perhaps we are given certain gifts, talents and skills that need to be brought to the fore. So many possibilities and opportunities. But what is it?

Thinking is overrated. 

This was something that came through loud and clear at the London event. Thinking is overrated…. Our thinking mind is a great servant but not a great master. We spend too much time paying attention to its demands. 

On the other hand, if you have ever meditated, you may have, at times, experienced a peacefulness within. A space where time seems to stand still. Where the noise seems to stop. Sometimes this can be micro seconds and I know, from experience, that the more I have meditated the longer these moments have become. If you are not a meditator, then you may have experienced this sense when in nature, perhaps walking through the countryside or along a coastal path. Or perhaps you’ve felt it when you’ve done something adventurous or achieved a personal goal. It almost feels as though there’s an extra dimension to your usual self. 

It’s sometimes referred to as your sub-conscious or superconscious. Others call it spirit, God, the universe or intuition. Whatever its label, this space within seems to have a different feeling, a different quality and a different perspective.

Human Beings or Human Doings? 

The problem is that us humans are naturally thinking beings. We rarely stop to ‘think’. Or should I say us humans are predominantly thinking doings. We focus on what we need to get done. We plan, we think, we structure, we create, we make things happen, we drive for results. We are demanding of ourselves and of others. Focus, focus, focus. Lists, plans, projects. Results.  And for many, we hit overwhelm, stress city or burnout. That relentlessness cannot continue, because it is not who we are at our core. 

And yet, we are created as human beings. Humans who need to ‘be’ more of the time. Humans who, by slowing down, stopping the outer noise and the inner chatter seem to naturally find a place of calm. And when we do, this is where the miracles start to happen. We are allowing that bigger part of who we are to share it’s wisdom with us. That whisper, that image, that knowing. Each of us experiences it in a different way. But it is always there, always with us. And it’s not about thinking. 

I recall something quite profound happening to me many years ago, when I lived in Nottingham and the children were still small. I remember waking one day and feeling as though something was different. My perspective had shifted. I had a strong inner intuitive sense that I needed to move house. In fact it was a very strong pull for me. I couldn’t ‘understand’ it because I had a great job, as did my husband, a lovely home and everything seemed set for life. But I had a calling to head back to the North West, to my home town of Chester. And we did. It was a mammoth move on many levels and one day I’ll share that story too. But for now, it completely changed the trajectory of my life. And I would not be doing the work I am today if I had not made that move.

Was it rationale? Was it based upon planning and evidence? Did we work up all of the pros and cons No. It was based on an intuition and instinct that I trusted. That wisdom and space within. A knowing that I had to follow. And yes, there are things I would have done differently with the benefits of hindsight. But it was absolutely, unquestionably, the right move to make.  

Turning Inwards 

And to quote Oprah Winfrey, what I now know for sure, is that when I turn down my reliance on my thinking mind and turn inwards instead, the more insightful, peaceful and joyous I become. It’s simply a matter of turning down the noise of our conscious brain. The brain that’s always reminding us of everything we have to get done. The guilt for not spending time with our loved ones. The never ending chitter chatter and criticism. 

Turning inwards requires us to press the pause button. To seek out space for us to ‘be’. It’s turning off the TV, the laptops, the social media. It’s going for a walk. It’s meditating. It’s exercising. Anywhere that enables ‘you’ to come to the fore.  

I promise you that the more you step into the world within, the more joyous your life will become. 

Give it a go. Start pressing pause. I’d love to hear about your experiences. 


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    Great blog Sandra I have had similar experiences that have helped me develop resilience to huge pressures at work and see the great and good in what I personally do irrespective of what is going on around me

    Thanks Ann. That’s a great way to describe it too – definitely a means of deepening our resilience. Thanks for sharing!

    Thanks Sandra – great article and always good to stop, pause, and challenge yourself to take time out of the ‘busyness’ and to just be. Thanks for sharing.