Remarkable Woman Award 2019 – The Winner: Dr Kate McAlpine

As we celebrate International Women’s Day 2019, we would like to congratulate the winner of the WLA’s first ever Remarkable Woman Award – Dr Kate McAlpine. Kate is a Researcher, Strategist and Coach; a Social Entrepreneur. Her research in Africa explores how and why people do the right thing in changing time; with a particular focus on individuals who prevent or respond to violence against children. As well as this, Kate is the founder of not one, but three social enterprises. As well as being the founder of Community for Children’s Rights in Tanzania, she has recently set up ConnectGo using mobile tech to identify, map and mobilise people who do good. In 2019, Kate will launch her fourth social enterprise, ‘Citizens4Change’ across East Africa. 

She is described by her nominators as “A visionary with boundless determination and enthusiasm”.Kate and her family, her husband Jo and her 2 children, spent the last 20 years in Tanzania, after her and her husband went out there for a year, after University, and ended up making a life out there. Her children were born and brought up there. “I have a very cool family!”

Kate is described by one of her nominators: “In spite of the fact that Dr Kate had a number of projects on which she was working, I always received a reply and the support I needed when seeking her help. She is tremendously inspirational and a born helper and developer.”

How do you feel to have been shortlisted for the remarkable woman award? 

Very surprised! And a little bit of a glow!

What is your biggest achievement, so far, that makes you feel remarkable?

I think my biggest achievement is living my purpose, being true to myself and having a positive impact on people, I’m known as ‘Mother Kate’ by young men across Tanzania who grew up on the streets and are now in their thirties with kids of their own. still call me mother and that feels like I did something, you know, I’ve made an impact on the world. [Struggling with this para as I don’t really feel remarkable!] on reflection could we frame this as …

“I’m not sure that I am remarkable in what I’ve achieved. There is still so much more to do to build a society that is safe and inclusive for children and young people. My remarkableness lies in my persistence and never-ending optimism, that if ever adult takes a child under their wing we can transform childhood and through that transform Africa.”

What tips or advice could you give to women trying to achieve their own goals, no matter how big or small? 

I am trained not to give advice, coaches never give advice! I’d say go with your heart and your gut and don’t worry too much about what your head tells you!To find out more about Dr Kate McAlpine, visit her website:


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