Our READY Level

The READY Level is focused on supporting those women who are currently in middle management roles and aspire to senior management positions. It’s ideal for employees who have been signposted for ”Head of” or equivalent roles.

The programme will blend face to face events with an online learning platform and community.

This ensures participants have a range of learning approaches to enhance knowledge, skills and potential.

The key foundations of the programme are to :

READY for Promotion

Create a strong CV and LinkedIn profile so you can maximise your chances of success. Learn how to show yourself in a great light.

READY for Visability

Understand the strategies and tactics for building your presence and visibility.

READY for Leading

Shift your attention away from “managing” tasks and into inspiring leadership.

READY for Boundaries

Ask for what you want so you can achieve more in less time. Learning how to say “no” effectively, authentically and clearly.

READY for Femininity

Deep dive into the differences between masculine and feminine energy. Recognise how to communicate with male colleagues whilst not becoming a SHE-man!

READY for Results

Know how to set goals and systems that align with business targets. Create 90 day, weekly and daily plans that keep you on track.


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