Paying It Forward This Christmas

In this week’s article, I’m changing tack to focus on positivity before Christmas in the form of paying it forward.

Dani Novick Mercury Search and Selection
Dani Novick

Yesterday I had a super meeting with the very lovely Dani Novick who runs Mercury Search and Selection. Dani is not only the founder of this recruitment company but she is also a Trustee for SmartWorks. SmartWorks is a charity that provides the clothes, the confidence and the strategies to help women re-enter the workplace. It’s truly inspiring when you hear and read the stories of the women the charity has helped.

Many of the volunteers of this charity are essentially paying it forward by giving up their time to provide interview skills – typically once a month.

Other ways in which we can all pay it forward is by donating high quality clothing and accessories so that the women going for interview have something to wear. The WLA have been running clothing drives at our events – where we encourage our members to bring smart but unwanted clothes to donate. It’s such a fantastic idea and our members love it.

WeMindTheGap CharityBut let me tell you what was so inspiring about the meeting yesterday. I was telling Dani about another charity that are doing some incredible work: ‘We Mind The Gap’. This charity, inspired by Rachel Clacher, founder of Moneypenny and led by Diane Aplin helps provide opportunities in life and work to under-served young women.

The charity has enabled 7 out of every 10 young women to move from being wholly state-dependent to full time work or education. And these women have had some terrible hardships along the way.

Smartworks Charity

Back to the meeting. Dani, upon hearing about the work immediately offered two things:

  1. Can we dress these young women for potential work interviews?
  2. Can we offer recruitment advice to these young women through the staff of her company Mercury?

What a wonderful example of paying it forward. Dani didn’t need to do this. She’s a very busy woman, with her own company and children to care for too. Yet her heart immediately went to how can I practically make a difference.

Diane and Dani are now in touch and looking to see how they can work together.

How can you Pay it Forward This Christmas?

  • Well you can certainly get involved in the SmartWorks charity by donating clothes or by offering your services and time. The website can be found here:
  • Donate your time to WeMindTheGap and help them to fundraise. Their website can be found here:
  • Pay for the toll of the car behind you.
  • Leave a positive review on trip advisor (especially if you can name the individual who helped)
  • Volunteer at a pet shelter
  • Leave a kind note or inspirational quote on a co-worker’s desk
  • Donate food at a local supermarket
  • Donate blood
  • Give your coffee (or other) loyalty card to a homeless person
  • Make someone’s wish come true.

Please leave a comment below and tell me what you are going to do over the next couple of weeks. I love to read the inspiring stories and I love to hear what others are doing to pay it forward. One of the best things about paying it forward…… you feel great after doing it.

Go on, make a difference to someone else’s life today.

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