The WLA Career Bootcamp

Finally, the time & resources to find your dream career with The WLA Career Bootcamp

Discover our 'Step-By-Step' Career Roadmap that shows you how to find a career you love. A career that is on purpose with your values, talents and experiences. A career that you are excited by, fall in love with and look forward to going to work, every single day.

A powerful opportunity to discover what truly makes your heart sing and find a career to match.

Imagine waking every day knowing you are doing what you love. Knowing you are making a difference. Knowing you can bring your gifts, your skills and your unique experiences to the world of work. And be respected for it!

It is possible.

And in these times of lockdown, now is the time to think about whether or not you are happy on the path you are currently on. Now is the time to re-assess what is important, what is at your core and to create a career on purpose.

A 6-Week Intensive Bootcamp

to Get Clear, Focused and On Purpose with your Career

With Executive Coach, Sandra Green

Doors Close Monday 1st June 2020


Here's what I'll be teaching...


What Makes You Tick

Roll up your sleeves and get to know your strengths, your talents, values, expertise and worth. Work through our toolkit and with the help of family and friends you can start to recognise exactly what makes you tick.


Craft Your On-Purpose Career Blueprint

Next lesson is all about pulling it all together in a one page career blueprint. One that captures your purpose, your passions, your uniqueness.


The Future You Want

Next we have lots of fun using a range of tools and frameworks to get clear on what you want. If you could create your ideal career what would it be?


Bridges and Ditches

You now know the size of the gap. What are the ditches you need to avoid? The traps of self sabotage & limiting beliefs. What's your support plan going to need?


Your Powerbase 

A critical step in the career planning process is learning how to create and work with a strong powerbase. Wave goodbye to tacky networking. Welcome in authentic and connecting relationships that will help you shortcut the system..


Your Career Action Plan

And finally, creating an action plan that lays out the exact steps you will take to get you from where you are right here and now to the career you have always wanted.

The coaching sessions held with Sandra have been the most profound and valuable that I have ever experienced across my 26 year career. As a result I could not be a stronger advocate of Sandra and the services that she offers.  With tremendous support and challenge from Sandra I have been able to establish absolute clarity on the values I hold dear and would be unwilling to compromise on and how to honour those in a challenging environment. Our work together has left me with a greater level of self- awareness than I ever thought possible and has given me a sense of personal liberation and authenticity that is serving me well in every aspect of my life. 

Jane McCall, Transformation Director, The coop.

Sandra truly helped me to be decisive about what my future aspirations actually were, and by when I wanted to achieve them.  Using a variety of models, I have worked through what my mission, vision, values, and career goals are. I have also found opportunities to better use my existing network, and further build, and grow, an external, and varied network, outside my own organisation. I have now achieved my first career goal, promotion, within the time frame that we agreed. Having been a little sceptical, at the outset, about what this experience would bring, I find myself to now be a much more productive leader, and have true confidence in my own abilities. 

Elaine Wrigley, Head of Region, New Look

The key thing I took away was that to make a difference you need to be passionate about what you do, and I realised that I had begun to lack passion and enjoyment in my current role.  The next day I spotted an opportunity that looked perfect based on my skill set and interests, but that would also stretch me.  A month later, and I have successfully gained the role! It has absolutely changed my way of thinking, developed my confidence and skill set, pushed me to make a change and inspired to me follow what I love doing. 


Lynsey Connelly, Programme Manager, Amey

During this six week intensive training, you’ll:

  • Discover the foundations for creating a career you love and you can apply for a lifetime 
  • Connect to the deeper truth of who you are
  • Start living from a place of your higher purpose and attune to your inner compass
  • Allow yourself to dream a bigger dream and believe it might just happen
  • Clarify what you really do want in a future role
  • Discover what is truly holding you back and be guided to shift unwanted beliefs and barriers
  • Feel your authentic confidence filling back up
  • Discover your gifts and express them in ways that feel aligned with who you are
  • Have the courage to reach out and find those opportunities (Think Acres of Diamonds)
  • Begin to attract the people and resources you need
  • Finally believe in your potential and step into opportunity flow
  • Create a career blueprint that truly reflects your uniqueness and your tailored 'how to plan' to make it all happen
  • Start showing up in ways that empower others to follow and inspires your family

Our Six Week Bootcamp Runs

Tuesday 26th May to Friday 3rd July.....

Weekly Live Training on each Lesson

Join Sandra for a live, weekly training on the Career Framework. You'll get strategies, worksheets and exercises to help you make decisions about your career next steps.

Weekly Questions

Get answers to your career questions during weekly live Q&A sessions with Sandra. Need guidance or clarity? Sandra will help you navigate your career next steps.

Community Forum

Share your wins, bring your questions, and most importantly, create friendships in our forum with the rest of your tribe walking the path of career and purpose with you.

Online Career Bootcamp Materials

Access all of your materials, resources and frameworks in our online course centre. Never lose anything! Each week all of the resources will be uploaded so you can work at your own pace.

Doors Close Monday 1st June 2020


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Overcoming the Imposter Syndrome with Kate Atkin

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Purchase Online Career Bootcamp for £297+vat

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