The Missing 33%

The Missing 33%

This week we’ve been fine tuning our September Business Conferences, 14th September in London and 20th of September in Bolton. This year we’ve been inspired by Susan Colantuono’s ‘missing 33%’ presentation. If you missed it we highly recommend you find 15mins to catch up. (Watch the video here: TedX Talk)

For us Susan’s insight hit the nail on the head and inspired us to put together a fantastic programme for both conferences to put the missing 33% into action. In short Susan explains why women are missing 33% of the essential skills and expertise to achieve the top executive jobs and succinctly defines the gap as ‘business, strategic and financial acumen’. Here are our starter for 10 questions to help you consider whether you’re missing the 33%:

  • How do you define business acumen with relevance to your professional life?
  • Have you taken any measures to develop strong business acumen? If so, how?
  • Do you read any kind of newspapers? If so, what was the main topic in the financial page today?
  • How good is your knowledge about the status of your company? How good are the results when compared with other rival companies?
  • How knowledgeable are you about your organisation and how well can you detail the business industry in which your organisation is operating?
  • In what manner are you contributing to the company both financially and strategically? Do you have the required knowledge to provide the perfect financial or strategic options?
  • Can you define the impact of the decisions you make on the profit and development of your company?
  • Have you ever had a chance to showcase your business, strategic or financial acumen to your senior managers?

If these questions have got you thinking about any gaps in your experience / knowledge or skills then our conferences will provide valuable insights, opportunities and practical masterclasses in the ‘door openers’ of business, strategic and financial acumen. We’re passionate about bridging the gender gap and excited about our conference programme and the role it could play in furthering your thinking and preparation for your next step up.

Find out more about the WLA Business Conferences here:

London Business Conference

North West Business Conference

We’d love to see you there!

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