Mentoring Programme 2020

The 2020 WLA Mentoring Programme

Our Vision

To provide ambitious and emerging women with senior women mentors from the WLA who can support them with career navigation. We wish to inspire more women to achieve their goals, to make a difference to the world and to feel supported along their leadership journey. Our members are keen to give back and our mentor fellowship programme will provide a ‘win-win’.

Before we begin, let’s explore how and why I am so passionate about Mentoring. Here are some statistics from the Catalyst Report on the subject:

  • Men and women who had a mentor were more likely to start their first (post-MBA) job with high positions than those without a mentor.
  • Women with a mentor increased their odds of being placed at mid-manager or above by 56% over women without a mentor

And another powerful case study shared by Clutterbuck Associates:

  • In GlaxoSmithKline’s finance division, the turnover among participants in 100 mentoring pairs was a mere 2%, compared with 27.5% amongst other employees.

Benefits of Mentoring

  • Providing a confidential sounding board and reference point
  • Offering access to networks that may have previously been difficult to be a part of
  • Providing a forum for dialogue on issues and to receive advice
  • Greater self-confidence to set and achieve performance and personal goals
  • Facilitating the development of sharper interpersonal skills
  • The opportunity to bounce ideas, problem solve, work through decisions, and receive objective feedback.
  • To offer opportunities for personal reflection and insight

And yet, according to further research a staggering 95% of women had never sought a mentor at work and a further 1 in 5 women had never had a mentor.

That’s why we wanted to create a mentoring programme within the WLA. It’s often tricky to ask someone to be your mentor and many organisations don’t have any formal programme. We want to provide the opportunity for members to mentor one another, in a supportive, confidential and powerful way.

Here’s some feedback from the WLA Mentoring Programme:

“I felt that my mentee knew what she had to do and I just helped to confirm this and act as her sounding board. It gave me a great deal of satisfaction to have helped her with this, it felt great to give something back and help another fantastic female move upwards – awesome!”

“Having a companion to rely on, to trust and challenge me was invaluable. There were times when I felt I wasn’t ready to have a call, I hadn’t progressed enough in my tasks, but my mentor knew that by taking the time out to even just chat through this would bring benefits, and clarity which it did!“

How the WLA Mentoring Programme Works

The intention is to provide members with a high-profile mentor who can inspire, support and provide advice. It’s aimed at women who are at a crucial point in their careers. Women who are experiencing any or all of the following:

  • Obstacles / barriers to progressing
  • Naivety around how to get promoted and get visible
  • A lack of confidence
  • Thinking too functionally / too small
  • A desire to grow personally and professionally but lack the resources / support in house

Session Duration

Over the six-month period, mentees have a minimum of 6 sessions . Sessions topics are wide ranging, including specific work issues, leadership support, help with self-awareness, etc. The mentor is there to support, challenge and inspire with practical guidance along the way. All sessions are completely confidential.

The sessions, in the main, take place over Skype / telephone. This massively reduces travel issues and also the likelihood of sessions being cancelled.


There is a fee of £250 + vat to take part in The WLA Mentoring Programme.

Application Process

Next steps are to complete the application form. Once all the forms are in, we will review applications and confirm successful participants.

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