Our IMPACT Level

The IMPACT Level is aimed at senior women who are seeking progression into a director role and into the boardroom. This is for women who are passionate about their work, want to have greater impact, more respect from  colleagues and feel in control (of work and home life).

The WLA Leadership Pillars

Every leader, no matter what their role, need five key pillars:

  • Career Clarity
  • Presence
  • Teams
  • Strategic Orientation
  • Mindset.

The READY Programme covers the first two pillars, IMPACT covers the next two. Mindset is the underpinning bedrock of both levels.

The key foundations of the programme are to :

Develop the key skills and experiences to transition from a Head of role and into a Director level / the Boardroom. There are six key activators which will form the foundations of the programme. With a blend of in-depth training, structure, community and accountability this is an intensive and inspiring programme to follow.

IMPACT your Time

Be strategic about how you use your time by setting strong boundaries, reducing access and using your unique brilliance.

IMPACT your Influence

Develop the strategies and flexibility to influence your key stakeholders so you can get more done. Leave a positive, lasting and powerful impression on those that matter.

IMPACT your Team

Learn how to develop a rock star team. A team of people you trust to take the heaviness of your plate and who will follow you in achieving your goals and aspirations.

IMPACT your Strategic Thinking

Build an elegant strategy. Assess environment, customers and competitors. Know how your team and organisation can excel in the marketplace.

IMPACT your Lifestyle

Release yourself from the belief of having to work every hour under the sun. Learn what’s important to you in all aspects of your life and how to integrate a solid, balanced approach.

IMPACT your Powerbase

Know what makes you and your organisation unique and indispensable. Recognise where and how you must create value through reliable results.

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