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The WLA is focused on helping you grow your confidence, your visibility and your leadership. The workplace needs more feminine energy and more authenticity. We support women leaders to have greater impact and gain time and life back.

THE WLA offers leadership development, community, events and coaching all under one roof. The end goal? To support organisations with developing and retaining their key female talent for the future.

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Why The WLA Programme?

Calling Women Leaders! Ready to lead with confidence, inspire your teams, bring clarity and impact to your role? 

In the WLA leadership programme we meet you exactly where you are on your career journey. We understand the actions and focus for different levels of leadership across organisations.

We also know that what got you here, with the results you are currently experiencing, won’t get you there. That’s why you need a different and tailored strategy, one that includes structured coaching, learning and a wonderful community to hold you accountable.

That’s how you will achieve more with us than you ever can trying to figure this out alone. 

There are several different levels you can join, depending on where you are at with your career.

Which profile best describes you right now?

Ready for Senior Management?

You are working as a middle manager in an organisation but you are not where you want to be and you are likely to be working harder than you should.  You may not be strong at asking for what you want, handling tricky situations or saying no to bosses and peers.  It’s time we teach you everything you need to know about promotion, getting visible, setting clear boundaries, bringing greater feminine energy to the role so you can be ready for your next promotion.  Take me to READY

Ready for the Boardroom?

You are working hard as a leader in the business. You are feeling overwhelmed with the sheer volume of work coming at you, struggling to get the respect you feel you deserve and don’t pay enough attention to reading the room especially when politics seem to be playing out. You are not even sure you want the extra pressure of being a director or member of the board.   It’s time we teach you to create the systems, get a rock star team around you so you can delegate better and shift your leadership to one that has great influence and impact.  Take me to IMPACT

Or perhaps you are an early career starter?

Or perhaps you are an early career starter and looking for the core management skills to help you achieve more and get clarity on what next. We teach you how, through our online learning platform and in bite size chunks. If that sounds like you, check out our Foundation Programme.  Take me to FOUNDATION

Let’s Talk…

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