The Incredible Power of Giving

The Incredible Power of Giving

Most women I know seem to have an inbuilt propensity to give to others. Women want to share, to help others out, to make others feel better and have this very natural ‘nurturing’ instinct. In fact, the idea of enabling women to give back more was one of the founding principles of the WLA.

This week I’ve been struck once more by the kindness of women giving back to one another and how great it feels. There must be some kind of positive chemical release in our bodies when we either ‘do the giving’ or we are the recipients of someone else’s generosity.

Let me share a couple of things that have happened this week that demonstrate the incredible power of giving.

On Wednesday we held our annual ‘WLA Leadership Conference’ at Crewe Hall in Cheshire. This event focused specifically on teams and team engagement. We also decided to introduce a ‘charity slot’ where we showcase the work of a charity to our members.

We Mind the Gap

Diane Aplin, leader of the charity ‘We Mind The Gap’ came to speak. She delivered a truly inspiring talk about her personal journey, her passion for justice and fairness in society and the purpose and achievements, so far, of this incredible charity. It was a wonderful presentation, one where you felt compelled to do something and to give something.

Diane emailed me on Thursday to say how overwhelmed she felt with the feedback and messages from delegates who wanted to support her. What I particularly loved, was that these messages were not platitudes, they were really practical offers of help. For example, one delegate, who was so touched by the presentation, she has offered up her holiday home as a potential retreat or venue for the charity to use from time to time. Others reached out to provide coaching and interview skills. Others offered potential work placements. It was truly amazing to read.



Another example this week was a luncheon I was invited to. There were about a dozen leaders from across the North West, both men and women invited. The event was brought together by another inspirational female leader, who wanted to ‘give back’ and say thank you to her network for their support. Once more it was a lovely ‘feel good’ few hours as we debated topics, shared experiences and found out more about one another.


Remember as a child, when we received a gift. The excitement of unwrapping the parcel was almost more exhilarating than the actual gift! As we age, the gift of giving becomes just as exciting as receiving.

Giving Releases Happy Chemicals

And here’s the amazing thing. The ‘altruism’ part of our brain is considered by neuro scientists as part of the deep brain structure. Our happiness comes from the release of neurochemicals such as dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin. And guess what. Giving releases these happy chemicals.

You can give in a multitude of ways. Open the door for someone, donate your time or cash to a charity, give your expertise away, mow your neighbour’s lawn!


Here at the WLA we are looking to create our first ‘Giving Back’ Conference in October. We believe so strongly that the more we give back the more win-win there is in the world. My challenge to you: Start giving back and start giving today.

For more details about the wonderful charity ‘We Mind the Gap’ click here:


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