Finally, find the community, structure and content to give you the career clarity and confidence you’ve been searching for.


The CONNECT level is our monthly membership programme focuses on:


  • Giving you clarity on what you ‘should’ be focusing on

  • Building your confidence, self worth and

  • Connecting you to a loving community

What are the Benefits of Connect?

The Connect Level Membership gives you clarity and confidence in your career through easy to follow personal development, productivity and leadership strategies that have already helped many women leaders know their worth and gain the respect they desire in the workplace.

Monthly Challenges

5 days of content and accountability to stretch you out of your comfort zone!

Monthly LIVE Sessions

Monthly Live Planning Sessions over Zoom – to get you clear on your priorities; out of overwhelm and feeling as though you are back on track

Member Resources

Members Online Library of Resources – access tons of webinars, inspiring interviews, past magazines with leading experts in their field!

Women's Day Conference

Discounted tickets to the International Women’s Day Conference held every March

The WLA Community

Connect with other incredible women and learn strategies to have a fulfilling career.

Distraction and confusion are two of the biggest issues women leaders face. It’s so tempting to keep picking up the newest shiniest object and to keep putting our hand up to say yes. We work too hard trying to figure it out ourselves.

I know, from experience, that when I have the support of a terrific community, with others that have been there and done it, I get super inspired and the focus I need. You can have this too with the support, structure and kindness that’s provided.

The Connect Programme has been specifically designed to be flexible. We know the challenges many women are finding with juggling their time, their homes and their personal development. Some weeks and months you have more time for you and others less so. The programme is not too intensive so you feel overwhelmed, but offers you great content, structure and community so you never have to feel alone.

Join Connect Level Here:

Investment £50 per month (vat incl).

Access to the WLA’s online library of resources

Inspirational Podcasts with Male & Female Business Leaders
WLA Monthly Magazines
Webinars with Best Selling Authors and Leadership Experts

Here’s a sample of our Curriculum:

Executive Presence

Perfect Your LinkedIn

Engagement Strategies

Negotiation Tactics

Raising Visibility

Monthly Live Challenges to help you:

  • Strengthen your inner confidence, courage and you can know your worth
  • Deepen your clarity on the most important things and stop being so distracted

  • Get proven techniques you can apply right away so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel

  • Learn how to plan effectively so you and your team can maximise your productivity

  • Personal development tools and habits so you can show up in a stronger light


All sessions will be recorded, uploaded into the members area and available to you 24/7.

You will have access to the sessions for the time you are an active and paying member, so you are free to implement at your own pace and return to the content again. That said, you will get so much more from the programme by showing up 100% to as much as the live content as you can.

You can sign up for one month only! We hope you stay for much longer. This is a flexible programme to meet your needs. We know many women are juggling a tremendous amount and are looking for a more flexible and supportive personal development programme. One of the great benefits is you can work with the material at your own pace.

If you’d like to cancel your membership, we ask for at least 7 days prior to your next billing cycle charge to ensure you won’t be charged again. Please email At that point your account will be deactivated and you will no longer have access to previously paid months.

Of course, you may find that you are ready for more and are looking for a more structured development programme. Depending on where you are at in your career you may wish to explore our READY or IMPACT levels.

Join Connect Now!

Investment £50 per month (vat incl).

Connecting You to more

I just wanted to thank you for everything I have gained over the past 12 months of being a member of the WLA as part of the Women@Amey programme, and also for the IWD Conference.  It has absolutely changed my way of thinking, developed my confidence and skill set, pushed me to make a change and inspired to me follow what I love doing. 😊

Lynsey Connelly, Programme Manager, AMEY

“…joining the WLA helped me build my confidence and faith in my experience and ability. So 9 months on from joining The WLA I have a great new role at a company that I know value me and my experience. I feel energised and clear about what I want to achieve from a work, home and self-improvement perspective. I’ve got a great inspirational network I know I can reach out to plus I’ve made some lovely new friends!” 

Mel Carlen, VP Operations, Moneypenny