Our Level - Monthly Membership


The CONNECT level is our monthly membership programme designed to help you build your authentic leadership self.

Sometimes figuring everything out alone can feel overwhelming and confusing. We believe we can do it all and fiercely work independently to make it all work. Then we wonder why we feel burnout, lack confidence, and seem to be ‘going through the motions’.

But, it is so much easier when you have the right structure, knowledge, support and inspiration. I know, I’ve been there!

Welcome to the WLA’s Connect level. Connecting you to the community and content you need to build a successful career. 

Did you know that we found the most Leadershave these things in common:

They :

Lead with their heart 100%
Believe deeply in themselves and their abilities 100%
Share their gifts and experiences with others 100%
Care about making a difference 100%
Show up boldly 100%
Trust their intuition 100%
Continually look for ways to develop and deepen their impact 100%

Here's what in the membership


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It's not WHAT you know but WHO you know. Here's where you will find the support, accountability and connections you need to thrive. (Picture of the jazz hands)


Monthly planning and accountability sessions.

20+ expert led masterclasses plus resources on these topics (maybe in boxes or something: Leadership, Careers, Well-being, Confidence)

Inspirational Interviews
Informative magazines
Webinars with Leaders

The Pillars

Every leader, no matter what their role, need five key pillars:

  • Career Clarity – Where are you heading?
  • Presence – How are our showing up?
  • Teams – How are you creating engagement?
  • Strategic Orientation  – What’s your approach to planning?
  • Mindset – Everything is to do with Mindset

WE will more

We will be adding more FREE content to the CONNECT membership as we develop it so be aware you will get more as your membership develops.

"I really love the webinars and inspriational interviews, they have really opened up some new ways of thinking and how to approach things differently, really useful in these covis time..."
Stu Gradwell

Investment £500 +vat per year £50 (vat inc.) per year Then Sign up here buttons.