A 12-month transformational programme to radically change your leadership into the leader you always knew you could be. Find your inner joy, identify your calling, shift old patterns and lead with purpose and integrity. Integrate your whole life and live from a place of happiness and meaning.

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Does this sound like you?

You are a senior leader in your business. You are likely reaching a stage in your career where you know there is more that you want to give. You feel as though this relentless pace is never going to end and you don't have the sense of fulfillment you once did.

* You may well have children who, in turn, have struggled through the pandemic and lock down. You are worried about their mental health and if they are going to be okay. Life seems so much tougher for them than it was when they were in that same position.

* You feel relatively financially secure, having worked hard for many years to provide for your family. You know that your retirement pot, investments and pensions are sorted and you don’t really have to worry about future finances anymore. You are actually proud of all that you have done to date, knowing that the hard work has paid off.


* You are a busy career professional who is time poor. You often feel guilty that you are not giving enough time for others, whether that’s your partner, children, elder care or work colleagues. You suffer from insomnia, waking in the night playing over conversations, to do lists, relationship concerns; conflicts in the office; your kids mental health. It's like a record that never stops replaying.

* You probably have a stack of books by your bed. A mix of personal development books: how to be more productive; living your best life and a few easy reads thrown in. None of them are finished. You even joined a book club or two in the belief that this would make you read more.

* Finding the time for exercise and self-care can be a struggle. It often means getting up earlier and earlier to head to the gym or do an early morning run. These early starts are tough, but being resilient, you know you have a strong mental mindsets that will enable you to 'push through'. You know in your heart that this endless pushing for more is affecting their personal well-being and motivation.

* Perhaps the biggest concern of all is the ‘what next’ question. Having a gnawing sense inside that this is not it. The life you have created has many great features but there is something missing. The beating heart of contribution, impact and making a difference. Living and leading a life on purpose, creating legacy and having presence in a bigger way seems nothing more than a pipe dream. Not having the answers or the path to get to nirvana makes the impulse feel more like a dream. Friends don’t really get it and there’s no-one to really talk this through with.


The Programme

The programme aligns the Four Energies of Leadership.

Some of our great successes here at the WLA come from practicing the Four Energies.

A 12-Month Programme

A programme structured around the core principles of transformational leadership.

In Person Retreat

  • Face to face time together including dinner and overnight stay
  • Mapping out a compelling vision of the future
  • Aligning and integrating your intentions
  • Clearing out old beliefs
  • Finding your authentic voice

Mentoring & Coaching

  • Tailored 1:1 support for your unique journey
  • A safe space to unpack what's holding you back and what you need to help you shine
  • Breakthrough transformations
  • A tailored and dynamic leadership development plan

Leadership Assessment

  • Selecting from a wealth of psychometrics and off the shelf assessments to help you understand your gifts, talents and skills.
  • We will help you build your knowledge about your gifts and talents through accessing different leadership assessments

Leadership Curriculum

  • Live masterclasses and deep dive sessions on topics
  • Deepen your understanding, learn skills, tactics and approaches to enhance your leadership.
  • 90 minute practical sessions once a month.
  • Listen live or watch the recordings.

Guest Speakers

  • Throughout the year we will invite guest speakers and experts to share their knowledge and wisdom.
  • Ask questions, seek perspective and learn practical approaches you can implement right away.

Peer Masterminding

  • Join your fellow delegates for bi-monthly structured masterminding.
  • Bring your issues and challenges. Brainstorm options, suggest resources and create a plan for change.
  • Learn and support one another.

Accountability Buddy

  • Work with an accountability buddy to help you keep focused, on track and inspired.
  • The transformation journey is not always an easy one and doing it alone makes it doubly hard.

In-Person Initiation Event

  • Commencing your journey for the next 12 months
  • Mapping out your aspirations, intentions and goals
  • Meeting your new colleagues
  • Making the most out of the programme
  • Best practices and ways of working together

Closing Dinner

  • We complete the programme with a dinner to reflect on the year and progress
  • Join your peers and friends as we celebrate our successes
  • Set out a future direction of travel

What others have shared about our programmes...

“I was a little bit apprehensive. My next concern was being surrounded by such high powered women, would we all get on, would I feel overwhelmed or over powered and insignificant – what on earth could I offer to such a group?
So what did I get out of this – lots! I met the most incredible generous uplifting group of women who I know we will be friends for life and will
support each other. I find inner peace and calm for myself and the madness and chaos that is always buzzing around in my brain – I let it
out and came away with a plan and direction of what my future will look like. I know where I am and I now know where I want to be and I
know I will succeed.” 

Paula Chadwick

“Women unfortunately are still struggling to see their full potential but more importantly to recognise and believe in themselves. The WLA
provides a safe haven for women to share their experiences that have often been kept hidden. Thus allowing them to come to terms with
limiting beliefs so they overcome these challenges and remove obstacles that are preventing their growth. WLA creates the opportunity for women to understand and accept this enabling them to become insightful leaders. They then not only
become more successful individuals but take the skills back to their own workplace to develop and encourage others. Overall the business they work within becomes stronger and a more open environment for learning.”

Jackie Hyde

Meet Sandra  




Sandra Pinnington is a certified executive coach, currently training to be a certified systemic team coach. She founded the Women Leaders Association in 2015 to support women in business to transform their leadership. Sandra is a MBTI practitioner, EQ360 facilitator, Career Coach, trained facilitator and NLP practitioner. Sandra wants to see a world where leaders are aligned behind their soul's purpose and where organisations are aligned to bring growth to the communities in which they serve. She works with C-Suite leaders, boards and individuals to maximise their impact, their meaning and their contribution to the world.

Everything WLA and more!

To recap you get all of this...


In Person Onboarding Day. Kick off July 2022

In Person Retreat plus 2 Nights Accommodation

20 x Individual Coaching Sessions Throughout the Year


4 x Peer In Person Masterminding Full Days


12 x Live Video Leadership Teachings


12 x Live Goal Setting & Planning Workshops


6 x Guest Speaker slots


Access to over 30+ Leadership Briefings & Teachings


Access to all live video replays


Leadership Assessment

Closing Dinner


LinkedIn Private community


Current WLA Member

Non WLA Member





















Members Price


(£495+vat per month)

Non Members Price

£6750.00 +vat

Monthly payment plan available

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