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What’s it all about?

The Women Leaders Association (WLA) is a leadership programme for women who predominantly work in the corporate sector. Some folk think we are ‘yet another’ women’s network. But we don’t think so.

Our aspiration and guiding principle is for women leaders to learn how to embrace their feminine energy and align their values, calling and inspiration to their skills and expertise. We pride ourselves in creating a warm, loving and connective community of like minded women professionals – no matter what your sector, level or experience is.

We share lots of best practice, a ton of content, advice and resources through our online hub and in person events.

Once a year we hold an annual Conference to celebrate International Women’s Day and year after year receive outstanding feedback. 

The WLA was founded by Sandra Green in March 2015 with three intentions:

1. Provide a programme of development that would enhance, enrich and deepen the leadership capability of it’s members.

2. Create an authentic community of passionate, heart driven leaders who want to make a difference in their work.

3. Provide the routes for women to give back to others. 


These intentions still hold true today. 


"You deserve the best support available. After all, L'Oreal created the phrase 'Because We're Worth It'."

About Sandra

Sandra’s passion is enabling leaders to be the best version of themselves so they can inspire and empower those that they work with. Sandra Green is the founder of the Women Leaders Association (WLA) which she established in 2015. Her mission is to help females break their inner and outer glass ceiling and help corporates fill their succession pipeline with talented female leaders. 

Sandra is also a certified executive coach, coaching both male and female leaders in how to bring their best selves into work every day.  She has been coaching for almost 20 years.

Sandra published her first book entitled ‘Handbags in the Boardroom’ in September 2015 and another entitled ‘Smash The Glass Ceiling’. She is a highly popular speaker with topics ranging from The Triple Spike, Embrace Your Masculine & Feminine Energy and Authentic Leadership.