The WLA is focused on the development of women leaders to be the best they can be!

The WLA was set up in 2015 by Sandra Pinnington (Green). Sandra had three intentions:

1. To build upon her experience as an executive coach, Sandra wanted to provide practical and inspiring content to help women leaders break their inner and outer glass ceilings.

2. To offer up a network platform for women in corporate to connect with others. Women networks often get a bad name… The WLA provides a community of women who have shared values and want to help one another.

3. Many senior women want to give back, and The WLA offers opportunities for mentoring, speaking and getting involved in charity initiatives.

Guiding Principles

To make change happen

The WLA wants to work with  women who are tired of trying to figure this out alone. Women who want to create an inclusive world, where everyone’s opinion matters and they have the confidence and courage to make change happen. A world where everyone’s potential is fulfilled and where we seek balance across different perspectives. 

To nurture authentic feminine leadership

The WLA is about developing the authentic leadership skills that are needed to change the fabric of our businesses today. We need leaders who stand tall. We need leaders who call out bad behaviours, who create transparent cultures, who inspire teams to co-create and collaborate across organisational boundaries, who engage others behind a bigger reason why, leaders who are honest and insightful about performance and leaders who genuinely care about other human beings. None of this is easy, but it is all achievable.

To offer a space to be heard

Having a community of like minded women, peers who understand your world, will speed up your learning and your growth. The WLA genuinely cares about its members. There is space where you can be who you are, celebrate your successes and be inspired by your fellow members. 

Our community, and all our programmes are available 100% online!

About Sandra

Sandra worked in corporate for over 15years before setting up in business back in 2005. 

Super passionate about helping others, Sandra developed a deep knowledge and understanding of the triggers and motivations that enable leaders to be the best they can be. 

Having overcome a number of life set backs, Sandra knew that to get the most out of life you have to be willing to push yourself, keep picking yourself up when the wind takes you off course and keep growing and learning every day. 

Sandra is an avid learner, certified executive coach, mum of two grown up kids and lover of nature. When not working, you’ll find her walking in the hills with her family and working cocker spaniel Buddy.


Sandra has written a couple of short books on helping women step up: ‘Handbags in the Boardroom’ & ‘Smash The Glass Ceiling’. She is a highly popular speaker with topics ranging from The Triple Spike, Embrace Your Masculine & Feminine Energy and Authentic Leadership.


There are many reasons for you to join:

This is what our members say about our community

‘I am part of The WLA because I constantly learn to think BIG!’ 

Ann Lucas
Deputy Director of Workforce Intelligence at Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

‘I want to encourage more women to have the confidence to stretch themselves and to be confident in their own ability’.

Aly Fadil
Chief People Officer, N Brown.

‘The WLA is a safe environment to challenge yourself’

Paula Chadwick
CEO of Roy Castle Foundation.

‘For anyone who is thinking about joining WLA its quite simply a no brainer, an investment where your business will benefit hugely’. 

Claire Kelly
Corporate Business Manager

Do you want to change your world? Do you want to be someone bigger? Do you want to embrace your natural authenticity and lead with love and with ease?

If it resonates with you, please get in touch.