What is the WLA about?

The Women Leaders Association is about developing the authentic leadership skills that are needed to change the fabric of our businesses today.

We need leaders who stand tall. We need leaders who call out bad behaviours, who create transparent cultures, who inspire teams to co-create and collaborate across organisational boundaries, who engage others behind a bigger reason why, leaders who are honest and insightful about performance and leaders who genuinely care about other human beings.

The WLA aspires to build that authenticity through bringing together a community of like-minded women. By working together we will make change happen faster.

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Our deep desire is to help women step into their fullest leadership potential, leading with heart and authenticity.

Women leaders have to give themselves permission to be themselves, believe in themselves and have the strategies to make a bigger impact in the world.

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About Sandra Green, Founder of the WLA.

Hi, I am Sandra Green, founder of The WLA, author of ‘Handbags in the Boardroom’ and ‘Smash the Glass Ceiling’, lover of Hotel Chocolate, sunshine and my working Cocker spaniel Buddy (and, not forgetting my two grown up kids Zoe and Jack).

I’ve learnt a lot over the years – does it ever stop? – with may highs and lows. I’m forever looking for how to help leaders fulfil their potential and inspire to live a life on purpose, whether that’s through our events, membership, IWD Conference, webinars or executive coaching.

I’d love to help you too. 

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