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WLA Remarkable Woman Award

The WLA Remarkable Women Award celebrates the outstanding achievements of women who are changing the landscape for all. Women who inspire others through their resilience, pushing the boundaries of what is possible, forging new pathways and becoming true role models. These women typically stay in the shadows and this award is about shining the spotlight on their success.



Open to all female nominations.


  • An inspiring leader to others, both men and women.
  • Demonstrates tenacity and resilience in the face of challenges.
  • Is altruistic – gives without expectation of return – it’s the right thing to do. Going above and beyond what is expected.
  • Looking to make their world of work a better place.

Please note that by entering these awards, all short-listed finalists agree to attend the WLA International Women’s Day Award dinner on 5th March at Crewe Hall Awards Dinner where the award winners will be announced and the presentations made.

Nominations Form:

Nominate the Remarkable Woman Award

Remarkable Woman Award Nomination 2020.

2020 Remarkable Women Award Nomination Information. The WLA is looking for remarkable women leaders who are influential in their companies, industries and communities. The successful candidate will have a solid reputation based on their experience, integrity and leadership, and have a proven track record of accomplishments.
  • In 4000 character (500-700 words) or less, please tell us why you have selected this nominee and what defines her as a 'Remarkable Woman' in your company.