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Kate Atkin

International Speaker, Coach, Facilitator and Expert in Imposter Phenomenon

In September 2000 Kate Atkin started her own business, having been offered two days’ work. Yes, just two days – a leap of faith and good skills soon proved it to be the right decision as her client base now includes the Bank of England, the NHS and the University of Cambridge.  

Internationally Kate has spoken to audiences in America, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Malta, Spain and even Outer Mongolia.  

Having built her own confidence, Kate uses her experience to inspire confidence in others. She is called upon by sales executives, corporations, charities and event organisers to deliver inspiring presentations that make a real difference to people’s lives. Helping others feel confident has a direct impact on the bottom line of businesses, and helps to create a resilient, engaged and productive workforce.  

Kate is passionate about her own development, as well as that of others, and has completed a masters degree in applied positive psychology; she has a research interest in the imposter phenomenon, courage and self-efficacy and is undertaking a PhD.  

Kate has been quoted in the Financial Times, Oxford English Dictionary blog and written articles for several magazines. Kate is a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association, member of the Global Speakers’ Federation, member of the Association for Coaching and senator of Junior Chamber International UK.

Overview of Session:

Have you experienced any of these? • A nagging doubt that you could be ‘found out’ • Putting your success down to good luck or timing • Perfectionist tendencies (after all you don’t want to get found out now do you?) • Doubting whether you should have been the one to be promoted • Noticing your inner voice saying, “Am I really good enough?” • Not contributing in meetings for fear you will make a fool of yourself (who me?) Then you are in safe hands….. Kate’s masterclass session will provide plenty of insights, research and actionable strategies on how to: • explore the reasons behind imposter feelings and how to spot them in others • discover how to grow inner confidence • leave equipped with ways to boost resilience and get past the imposter feelings, whether your own or to help others.