The Level

The IMPACT Level is aimed at senior women who are seeking progression into a director role and into the boardroom. This is for women who are passionate about their work, want to have greater impact, more respect from  colleagues and feel in control (of work and home life).

The key foundations of the programme are to:

  • Build the right mindset to lead with success and positive impact
  • Develop the leadership impact by focusing on vision, values and stakeholder engagement
  • Redefining how to make the most of your time to focus on the most productive outcomes
  • Building a rock star team
  • Developing a community of diverse peers to support and challenge you on your journey

The programme will combine face to face events, a specific online learning platform, community and accountability.

The key foundations of the programme are to:

These activators will be the foundation of the event programme. The events will happen every 90 days (with the exception of the IWD Conference). The events will be two days and delivered by Sandra Green to build the community and deepen learning.

IMPACT your Time

Be strategic about how you use your time by setting strong boundaries, reducing access and using your unique brilliance.

IMPACT your Influence

Develop the strategies and flexibility to influence your key stakeholders so you can get more done. Leave a positive, lasting and powerful impression on those that matter.

IMPACT your Team

Learn how to develop a rock star team. A team of people you trust to take the heaviness of your plate and who will follow you in achieving your goals and aspirations.

IMPACT your Strategic Thinking

Build an elegant strategy. Assess environment, customers and competitors. Know how your team and organisation can excel in the marketplace.

IMPACT your Lifestyle

Release yourself from the belief of having to work every hour under the sun. Learn what’s important to you in all aspects of your life and how to integrate a solid, balanced approach.

IMPACT your Powerbase

Know what makes you and your organisation unique and indispensable. Recognise where and how you must create value through reliable results.

The Pillars

Every leader, no matter what their role, need five key pillars:

  • Career Clarity
  • Presence
  • Teams
  • Strategic Orientation
  • Mindset.

The READY Programme covers the first two pillars, IMPACT covers the next two. Mindset is the underpinning bedrock of both levels.

Membership of includes:

The foundational ‘how-tos’, delivered in bite-sized pieces so you can implement them easily.
Every two weeks you’ll get a short video sharing one of the Foundational Principles to help you execute effectively.

Join Sandra live each month for support in answering your burning questions, trouble shooting and massive. Hear insights and challenges from your peers so you can feel engaged and inspired to break through barriers.

Joining with other members of the WLA to keep you on track, focused and accountable to deliver the goals you set. This accountability massively increases your chances of delivering your goals and aspirations.

For deep learning, mindset shifts and best practices you get quarterly training covering one area of our 6 Activators (plus, in the first quarter, our IWD Conference). That’s why these are two year  programmes— to help you implement effectively.

Meeting and learning with other inspirational female leaders and making friends for life.

International Women’s Day Conference. Join us at our showcase event of the year where you will be inspired to push even harder and achieve even more!

Optional Membership

WLA Mentoring*

Sign up for the opportunity to be mentored by a senior business leader in industry. Sometimes these leaders are from the WLA’s Executive Programme, others are from well-known brands in the UK.  All Mentors are trained and vetted before offering their time and expertise. Share your challenges, aspirations and questions and receive experienced wisdom, connection and insight during the six month programme.

WLA Coaching*

If you are ready to speed up your development then you may be ready for the WLA Coaching.  Work with a trained coach who will help you implement your goals and keep your progress on track.  Coaches also help you shift your internal blocks and barriers so there is no more holding yourself back.

* Please note, these are paid extras

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