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Sandra Green

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I know just how difficult it is to create a fulfilling and meaningful career. And it’s even harder when you are doing it in isolation, doubting yourself and wasting precious time. I spent many years in corporate aspiring for so much more and never finding the time or the supporters to help me maximise my potential. In my early career I often felt stuck and lacked the self-confidence to push myself forward. My career did progress (never as quickly as I wanted) and eventually I became the main brain winner – which brought more challenges especially guilt having a young family. 

As an executive coach and leadership development expert, I’ve seen this pattern play out again and again through the coaching of hundreds of women in business.   

To be straight, the thing that changed everything, was finally asking for help. I sought the structure and the community – and anything I could lay my hands on to help me be the best version of me. I became a personal development junkie! I invested in coaching and high-end mastermind groups. I sought out those who were ahead of me so I could learn and pick the best strategies. 

These were some of the best decisions I ever made. My confidence improved, my mindset shifted, my network advanced and I fell back in love with me! 

I then turned all of my learning and insight into the WLA and created the leadership programmes you see today. It’s my lifelong passion to inspire women to be brave, to reach out, to have the courage and confidence to be more than they ever thought possible. And to see that sea change in and across organisations no matter what business sector. 

Are you ready to seek support, help and guidance to help you learn and grow? To be part of a community that is loving and supportive. A group of amazing women who want to see you succeed and to help you get there?  

About Sandra

Sandra’s passion is enabling leaders to be the best version of themselves so they can inspire and empower those that they work with. Sandra Green is the founder of the Women Leaders Association (WLA) which she established in 2015. Her mission is to help females break their inner and outer glass ceiling and help corporates fill their succession pipeline with talented female leaders. 

Sandra is also a certified executive coach, coaching both male and female leaders in how to bring their best selves into work every day.  

Her client work has taken her to Europe, the Far East, the Middle East, Africa and to the Caribbean.  Sandra published her first book entitled ‘Handbags in the Boardroom’ in September 2015 and has recently published a second book entitled ‘Smash The Glass Ceiling’. She is a highly popular speaker at conferences in Britain and has participated in the  International WIN Conference in Rome. 

Sandra is often described as an inspirational leader with a deep care for her clients and their aspirations. She is not afraid to call things out or to challenge others to see themselves in a much bigger light than they believe possible.  

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