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WLA Resilience Workshop

Members Next Event
6th December 2019
Resilience Workshop

The events are always interactive and engaging, and you come away feeling reinvigorated, determined, and full of ideas. 

Alyson Fadil

International Women's Day Conference 2020

Plus our first ever Shine Awards Gala Dinner

The coaching I had with Sandra had more impact on me than anything else in terms of development in the last 20 years.

Tina Mitchell

The Shine Awards

The Shine Awards are now OPEN for nominations.

Please submit your nominations for this years Shine Awards.

Sandra Green

The WLA Serves Two Types of Professionals

I'm an Individual

Looking to Go Further, Faster
for Individuals

I'm In Charge of Talent

And I'm Trusted to Select and Nurture the Best
for directors

"I always tried to make everyone happy. Being assertive was important — but being true to who I am was even more important. The WLA showed me that I didn't have to choose between the two."

Paula Chadwick, CEO
Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation

"Authenticity, Leadership, Courage and Confidence"

See and Hear For Yourself How These Women Are Succeeding With The WLA

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The WLA is purposed to do one thing: Empower Women to Lead the Future

Do You Struggle With Any Of These?

  • Getting clarity on your responsibilities
  • Being over-looked and unnoticed too often
  • Prioritising when everything is important (and due yesterday)
  • Influencing key players or inspiring your team
  • Being able to handle all the responsibilities that have been assigned to you
  • Finding support and inspiration to live with more meaning and fulfillment
  • That toxic thought: "Am I even doing the right thing for me... and my family?"
You might be wondering, "What roles are likely to be helped with The WLA?"

The WLA Works for These Senior Roles

Heads of Retail

HR Directors


Finance Directors

Compliance Directors

Financial Controllers

Chief Executives

Heads of Operations

Associate Director

C-Level Executives

Heads of HR & Business Improvement

... and more!

If you are trusted to handle crucial responsibilities, The WLA can help you.

Are you an HR Director working with a company
of 250+ employees?

Talk to a member of the team to discuss ways The WLA develops untapped talent in your workforce.

Hello. I'm Sandra.

Have you ever felt like you were climbing that ladder, trying to please everyone—your team, your boss, your family—yet you feel like you’re just on a treadmill… going nowhere?

My name is Sandra Green and I created The WLA exclusively for these women leaders. They can finally find others who relate to them and support them—and get on a path to more opportunities, more respect, (and often, more pay).

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Sandra shares what she noticed in the corporate environment and why it led to founding The WLA.
The WLA's Founder, Sandra Green, has been featured in...

"Forfeiting my talents, personality, and life goals is a small price to pay to be in this esteemed corporate role."

Take the simple 3-page WLA Career Assessment.
  • Is your environment and team great–yet you still feel empty?
  • Relate to any limiting beliefs? See how these 5 are dragging on your score.
  • Half your total score depends on this 1 underrated thing that keeps many settling for years.
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