You can join the Festival at anytime up until Friday 17th April


Why this Festival?

To be honest, it’s last minute. An idea I had just a few days ago. It's heart-felt. It's purpose is simple. To provide leaders with the inspiration and tools to cope with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on businesses and organisations. These are unprecedented times. Leaders needs support more than ever and they need it now!

We all have to find inner strength, the practical tools as well as the community to help us not only cope but to thrive. We have to face into the issues and be equipped to be even stronger once we are through the other side.

Live Experimental workshops:

Yes, Even on Zoom!

Simply put: you get to practice and learn in real time. You’ll get the chance to try yoga at your desk, clearing negative thinking through EFT, re-writing your linked in profile, using productivity and communication tools for remote working and tons more. 

Live Leadership Lessons:

Many of our speakers are experts in the field of leadership. They have a ton of experience working with corporates around the world. They understand the problems, the challenges and bring some of their best thinking to share with you. 

You’ll leave feeling inspired and have practical tools to implement. Topics include leading remote teams, leading change, creativity and innovation, managing the numbers.   

Live Healing Sessions:

When going through crisis, we need to heal our bodies and our minds from the stress and anxiety around us. Several of our speakers are intuitive spiritual healers who will offer up deep healing practices and resources for you to use for days, weeks and months after this crisis is over.  

Friday Festival Fizz

 And yes, every Friday at 8pm you can join me and  our speakers for Friday night Fizz at the Festival. Your chance to ask any of our speakers anything. So if you’ve not managed to join the live call you can catch up here instead. 

And Giveaways:

Not only that but... every speaker is giving away a ton of freebies, just for being a part of this event. I am blown away at their offers – from free coaching sessions, to makeovers, to helpful guides, checklists, workbooks and books. All you need to do is to sign up and show up! 

Speaker Line Up - Week ONE

Monique Blokzyl

The Art of Pitching – How you convince anyone of anything (almost) every time

Thursday 9th April, 9am

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Karen Cochrane Hall

Energy Circles and Leading Teams

Thursday 9th April, 1pm

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Starts Monday 6th April

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Speaker Line Up - Week Two

Sandra Green

Feminine Energy & the WLA

Wednesday 15th April, 8pm

Aloise Surfleet-Middleton

Using Positive EFT to create your own emotional tone in uncertain times 

Thursday 16th April, 1pm

Andy Bird

Being inspired as a leader in difficult times 

Thursday 16th April, 8pm

Esther De Charon De Saint Germain

The Confident Leader Visualisation

Friday 17th April, 1pm

Festival Fizz!

Ask the Speakers and join us in an End of Festival Glass of Fizz!

Friday 17th April. 8pm

Don't miss out. The Festival is open until Friday 17th April

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